Questions how to buy flour and macaroni in Kazakhstan

Who are we?
AG Trade Export is a flour company where you can buy wheat flour, macaroni
Why are we?
We work without brokers and offer the best price for flour, macaroni. In addition, we can guarantee good service, competent business management, reliability and consistency. But most important that is our company always protects the interests of the client and conducts full control of the transaction starting with the conclusion of a Contract with producer and ends by loading of wheat flour and macaroni.
Force majeure
In case of force majeure or violation of Contract's points concerning wheat flour or macaroni from the side of producer, our flour company can represents the client's interests in all instances of the Republic of Kazakhstan and seek protection of Client's rights
Minimum purchase amount?
If you want to buy wheat flour or macaroni for the first probation time: wheat flour- 1 wagon (68 tons ), macaroni - 1 wagon (40 tons)
Do you have discount?
If you want to buy wheat flour, macaroni, at huge amount we can discuss a discount.
Why is such a price?
Kazakhstan flour price corresponds to value of the product. For the Client there is always a choice - to buy more expensive or cheaper. But often when Clients buy flour, macaroni for export they forget about the quality of product, the quality of service and the reliability of the supplier. We offer to buy flour, macaroni at good prices from the producer. Wheat flour price in Kazakhstan is made of the price of wheat grains,the quality of grains, railway transportation expenses.

Is there opportunity to visit our flour factory?
Clients can visit our flour factory where we produce wheat flour and macaroni. You can see all process of production, packing, loading and sending wheat flour and macaroni for export.

Do we have any quality certificates?
In case of Contract conclusion we provide quality certificate, test protocol, phytosanitary certificate, certificate of conformity

Is there opportunity for distribution of wheat flour and macaroni?
Client can get unique conditions for distribution of wheat flour and macaroni

Is there opportunity to have business talks in English?
Flour company AG Trade Export conducts business talks and business negotiations in English
Can we give cheaper price?
We provide the price of flour, macaroni from producer. We work directly with Clients. At the same time we value the quality of our products and many years of work experience. For the production of flour and macaroni we use high-quality wheat grains which can be confirmed by numerous certificates. Cheap flour is not always high-quality and safe. We can make the price of flour cheaper but we are not sure that you will be satisfied with the performance of this product

How can we buy flour, macaroni from Kazakhstan?
To buy wheat flour, macaroni you can submit the request in the form on our site, via Whatsapp messenger or by sending a LOI letter (letter of intent) to the AG Trade Company corporate email. Please point the product quality indicators (humidity, gluten, impurity, oil content, grade), the amount of intended purchase, destination station